Vorige maand ontmoetten we Elias en Liz, een enorm enthousiast en creatief stel. Elias is de designer en de drijvende kracht achter het prachtige sustainable sieraden label PROTESTA. In het onderstaande korte interview (in het Engels) vertelt Elias wat hem drijft en waarom het waard is zijn sieraden te delen met de wereld!

1. Why did you start your own label?

I studied in Manchester in spatial design and went back to Hong Kong in 2004 upon graduation. This is when I started my very first design company with a few friends - Protest Design Company which is a life style label. Over the years I became very intrigued with contemporary jewelry design, especially sustainable fashion and particularly the minimalistic lifestyle. In 2014, I finally decided to place the two together and so began PROTESTA.

2. Your latest collection 4R is a stunning eco conscious jewerly collection. What does 4R stand for?

4R is the origin of Protesta’s design stucture. It stands for RECOVER, RECREATE, RECYCLE & RESPECT. These 4 R’s represent the design concept: Taken from the earth, implemented with designs, reuse and respect our environmental resources.

3. What are the philosophy and important values behind PROTESTA?

Design inspired by journey of life - this is the philosophy that drives the designs of PROTESTA. We believe good designs stem from our needs - hence creating products that fulfills a practical purpose with a sleek and timeless visual aesthetics, which also is the bearer of our concepts and message.

Therefore we rise against the culture of creating and owning excessive amount of things. Instead we produce long lasting products that satisfy and reflect different stages of our life. There are many talks about being eco-conscious all, especially with modern technologies we are able to do many complex processes to recycle, etc. However at PROTESTA we believe sustainability originates from living a minimalistic lifestyle, which is essentially reducing unnecessary excess we create.

3. Why is it worth to share PROTESTA with the world?

Because it brought us great happiness and joy to live a sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle!

Check out : and see how Elias has made this amazing 4R collection!

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